Monday, January 26, 2009


I didn't really watch any news this weekend, and this morning when I briefly heard the news about a shooting downtown, I cringed internally and then went about my morning. On the way to work, Hubby told me all about it. Apparently some random guy parked his car outside the building I work in, walked about 6 blocks away and started shooting at some teens waiting to get in an underage nightclub for a birthday party on Saturday night. The worst part, according to the story Hubby read? The club had been rented out by the Rotary Club and there were a bunch of foreign exchange students there for the party. One of the girls that died was from Peru and another was a local girl who was planning to study in France or Spain. Seven other people were shot.

Aside from the fact that two families' lives were just completely destroyed, I'm selfishly sad that this happened HERE. As you probably know from my previous post, I lived downtown when I first moved here. I've always loved the vibe and how alive it is. Yeah, you got your freaks, druggies and runaways, but that's part of its charm and for the most part everyone coexists rather peacefully. I've always felt so safe at any time of day or night. I suppose it doesn't really matter where you are, though. This sort of thing can happen anywhere, right?

Oh well....


morewineplease said...

Oh that is horrible! Those poor families!
yes, it can happen anywhere.. just some places are more likely than others... but still..

Kally said...

This totally freaked me OUT when I watched it on the news. The whole Computer Co Crew head to the restaurant the news was reporting it to be near. Our office is not across the street but we are pretty darned close and that just scared me a little.

It just breaks my heart to think of what the families are going through right now. So, so sad.

Katy said...

That is terrible and I'm so sad for the girls and their families. I will pray for them all.