Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello Again...

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a long time. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you must all be just SALIVATING over the fact that I’ve finally posted again. I have no excuses for being gone so long. I simply just didn’t feel like writing on here, I guess. But all that has changed because I have an amusing story to tell….

Are you a Facebook user? Me, too. But only very casually. If I went on there and started updating about every single thing I do people would be S.H.O.C.K.E.D. Anyway, that’s not the point. Over the months, I’ve noticed that there is a phenomenon of sorts on FB. I call it the Facebook False Sense of Familiarity.

I would say that the vast majority of my friends on Facebook are people from high school and a large number of those people I haven’t spoken to in probably 15 years (did I just date myself?). But, for some reason, people seem to pick up right where you left off, like it’s the day after high school graduation and you know each other as well as you did then. Does that make any sense? I mean, I guess it’s not weird since for the most part, I spent 10-12 years with these people day in and day out. But still…… You’ll understand what I’m getting at when I get to meat of the story.

So… my newest friend on Facebook is a girl I’ve known since kindergarten. We went all through elementary and junior high school and then after our freshman year of high school, she was gone. She didn’t hang out with my group of friends, so she was one of those people that one day, half way through my senior year of high school, I realized… “Oh, wait, where’s T at?” Anyhoo, I never knew where she’d gone and never bothered to ask any of her friends, so it was sort of a mystery.

And then comes Facebook. I found T on there through mutual friends, so we started emailing and catching up. Turns out, she moved to Hawaii after our freshman year and has been there ever since. Then she said a very generic, “You should come here for vacation some time!”

To which I replied that we are, in fact, going to Maui this week for 5 days.

To which SHE replied: “Wait Wait, WHAT, you will be maui when, I can come see you K, its only a short 30min flt from Oahu, And Randy and I need a break, Give me your number and let me know where you will be staying I can meet you there. Might be a long shot I just realized it was Labor day weekend but get back to me fast on this and I will be in maui to see you.”

I think it’s really sweet and all, but…. Seriously, I haven’t seen this chick in, like EIGHTEEN YEARS. And, we’re only going to be there for what basically amounts to a long weekend… I’m not sure that I want to spend that time getting reacquainted with an old friend (and it’s not like we were even that CLOSE) and meeting her significant other. Let’s be honest…people change a LOT over the years and I just can’t commit to spending that much time with someone that I don’t even know if I’ll want to be around. How mean does that sound?!?! I mean, I’d love to meet up with her maybe the next time we come for a longer trip, but just not this time.

Fortunately, my Facebook email history is such that I usually take several days to respond. So, it won’t seem like a ploy if I don’t email her back until Wednesday or Thursday. That’ll give me time to think of a good excuse.