Monday, January 5, 2009


Players: Mother

Interior Setting – Master Bathroom

The bathtub is being filled with water. Toys floating on the surface include plastic fish as well as Thomas and Percy bathtub toys. A toddler watches the water fill from a few feet away. A vigilant mother gazes from her perch on the toilet. In stark contrast to her normal behavior, she is peeing with the door open in order to maintain her child’s safety.

Child Whatchu doin?

Mother: I’m peeing.

Child: Your penis go pee-pee?

End Scene.

And thus was our first conversation about how only boys and daddies have penises.

It brought to mind a favorite scene from a movie. If you guess it, you win. You won’t win a prize. You just win.

“Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.”


Katy said...

Kindergarten Cop! Did I win? Did I win?

Something In The Glass said...

Of course you won, Katy!! I knew I could count on you!

Something In The Glass said...

And before I forget...

You are proving yourself to be a formidable movie quote queen.

Well done, Katy. Well, done.

Katy said...

It seems that we watch and like the same movies and like the same phrases from those movies. Did that make ANY sense? Probably not. Love ya

Coco said...

We just had the moms and boobs conversation. It was great.

Kally said...

Explaining anatomy...does it get any better?