Monday, January 26, 2009

For a Limited Time Only

ETR (Edited to Remove) pictures of Mini!

First of all, I would like to send a Thank You to the person who put the sticky note on the bathroom stall door which said “No T.P.” on it, thereby helping me to avoid the dreaded drip dry. Even though you don’t read this blog – whoever you are – thanks for alerting us all to the absence of shit tickets. You have served human kind well today.

Katy has asked that I come out of the glass and share some pictures. The idea of this makes me very nervous. As it is, there are certain identifiers in my blog that could undeniably tie it to me and I’ve been very careful to avoid being detected. That said, I really would like to share some pictures of my Mini. So for today and today only, I am honoring Katy’s request.

A bit of photojournalism for you…

Here is Mini pretending to be asleep. If only…

:o) Picture deleted!

He doesn’t have a long shelf life in faking me out. He’s easily distracted by Little Einsteins.

:o) Picture deleted!

And now Leo, Annie, Quincy and June have worn out their welcome. Time to get up….

:o) Picture deleted!

…and give a smile to the Vessel (aka Me)

:o) Picture deleted!

What? Someone dared to tell the Mini no?!?!

:o) Picture deleted!

And now the demonic possession begins to manifest.

:o) Picture deleted!

I’ve heard that when you take pictures of people who are possessed, the image is distorted.

:o) Picture deleted!

And just as quickly as it takes hold, it is exorcised by the discovery of the Vessel’s (aka Me) headband.

:o) Picture deleted!

Have a great day everyone!!


Coco said...

Shit tickets!! That is classic. I am going to have to use that as my own, if you don't mind.

I think your mini and my Tess have gone to the same temper tantrum training camp! Holy shit! It's something isn't it?

morewineplease said...

I have not heard shit tickets in a loooooooong time!!! Too fun.

Leo, Annie, June, and Quincy are always at my house! 24/7

Impulsive Addict said...

Cute pics of the angel/demon!

Katy said...

Oh, thank you for posting some pics. I guess I could be a little more unselfish and have you just email me pics. Thank you again for posting the mini and letting me capture his sweetness/naughtyness!! Love him.

Have a loverly day AND you may come over and grab that there award and post it with love! ...and yes, you do get bonus points (I'll write them down in my grade book)

Kally said...

Oh, the Mini is too cute. Even the crying tantrum face is adorable.

Something In The Glass said...

Thanks for comments about the Mini. And now I shall remove the pictures... :o)

Oh, and Coco, you may use "Shit Tickets" all you like. I wish I had coined that phrase, but I didn't...

Anniebanannie said...

OH NOES! I missed the precious pics. Shame on me for not visiting yesterday. Boo. Maybe another day? Now it totally becomes a mystery to me...

Something In The Glass said...

No worries Anniebanannie...I'm sure there will be other Limited Time Only's in the future. :o)