Monday, January 19, 2009

Tagged, this time WITH graffiti

Today, I was all prepared to write my 2nd weekly Make It Count Monday Tribute. But, before my good mood had a chance to really settle in to the point that nothing could shake it, I got an email from the tenant at our house across the river in Vancouver. Apparently, a local artist is in the biz of sharing work at no cost.

How could this possibly ruin my good mood, you ask?

Because the “art” looks like this and resides on the side of the garage.

"The"? Really? Couldn't be more creative than that? At least we have a testament to our fine education system that the kids can spell something.

On top of it, I’ll be leaving work early to relieve my MIL of babysitting duties. Mini’s sitter’s kid has a fever today and we don’t want Mini contracting anything.

Maybe by the time I get home, my good mood will return and I can write today’s tribute. Or maybe I'll just write the tribute and it'll put me in a better mood.


greedygrace said...

Oh, that SUCKS! It's bad enough when those a-holes paint on bridges and signs and neighbohood walls, but on houses??? Friggin' losers.

Anniebanannie said...

I'm totally with you..."The" uhhh...Seriously? What in the world?

Impulsive Addict said...

If this were one of MY students who did this mess, they would have thought of something more intelligent to spray on your garage!