Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Could This Possibly Mean?

I am the Queen of Bizarro Dreams. They can get pretty trippy sometimes.

Last night’s dreams weren’t so much trippy as they were just plain weird and random. I won’t bore you with the details of the four day trip to London which included me complaining about not getting to see Big Ben and Parliament (and, yes, making a lame Chevy Chase/European Vacation joke), missing the flight back, and then driving through the somewhat post-apocalyptic English Countryside. That was nothing.

The strange dream was the one where I realized that Hubby had decided that he had imprinted (you Twilight fans know what I’m talking about) on a 20-something gal and that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. So what did I do? I enlisted the help of the guy that was dumped by the 20-something gal. We decided that we would act like we were okay with the whole imprinting thing and then make Hubby and Gal believe that we were in love with each other in the hopes of making them jealous. The Object of My Fake Affection?

Bret Michaels.

Hey, don’t judge me. He wasn’t wearing that stupid bandana and had on very little guyliner. Trust me, he was way hotter in my dream than in real life.

…seriously. Where does this crap come from??


greedygrace said...

We both could do worse than bret michaels....

Coco said...

You need to turn off VH1, like right now.

Something In The Glass said...
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Something In The Glass said...

Yeah, we could definitely do worse that Bret.

And, yeah, I need to turn off VH1.
And E!
And MTV.
And all the other reality crap that I watch.

The problem is... I don't watch Rock of Love so why did he pop up in my dream?

This could be serious.

Something In The Glass said...

And WHY can't I type withOUT the typos? I'd re-do it again and change "that" to "than" - third times a charm and all.

But really. Three comments to myself?

Sad. Really, really sad.

Impulsive Addict said...

You are too funny girl!!

Bret was so hot back in the day! That's the Bret that I would dream about. I hate that stupid bandana. What's under there that's such a secret? No hair or drugs?

Something In The Glass said...

A really bad comb-over. That's my guess.

morewineplease said...

I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!! Hubby is wondering what I am hysterically laughing at, but it would take WAYYYY too long to explain since he knows nothing Twilight!

foxy said...

OK - i know this is an old post, but i just read it - linked here from your other dream post.

Dreaming about your husband imprinting on someone else is a riot!? OMG. Too funny. But i mean, imprinting is absolutely undeniable, right? So what can you do, but get it on with Bret? Awesome! :)