Monday, February 2, 2009

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind

Tuesday passed away. Makes me feel really stupid for writing that last post about Jessica Simpson. Such bigger things going on in this world.

I've had this song in my head since reading about Tuesday's passing.

Many, many prayers going out for this little girl and her family who will never know how many lives they've touched.


Miss JC said...

I've had "Tuesday's Gone with the Wind" in my head for three days now. I feel like I knew that little girl. She truly impacted a lot of lives.

Katy said...

I cannot stop thinking about her, precious child. My friend Kacey and I are going to honor her in a special way....I will post about it soon.

Coco said...

It broke my heart when I read she passed. I can't in a million years imagine what they are going through.

Kally said...

So heartbreaking. My love and prayers go out to the Whitt Family.