Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prediction for Monday Morning

Hungover. Totally Hungover.

I didn't eat much today, just nibblies. And then met Hubby's friends at McMenamin's for pitchers before watching the Blazers from the Skybox and getting all the free beer I wanted.

Not good for all the things I need to accomplish tomorrow.

Blazers won at the buzzer. That rocked.

But still not good. Not good at all.


Impulsive Addict said...

I tried the whole "not eating" thing once. It sucked. I thought I was dying by 10! *am* I need food. It's my therapy on the days I don't see my therapist!

Coco said...

Oh no. The no eating thing is bad. Very bad.

BUT I bet you are down a couple of lbs this morning.

Something In The Glass said...

The ironic thing is that I always yell at Hubby for not eating and then boozing.

I "fell asleep" last night on the couch and then woke up at 3am...and then couldn't fall back asleep.

Yeah, I won't be getting much done today.

Miss JC said...

Yuck. Hangovers are sooo not fun.