Friday, February 20, 2009

Please don't take my Carolla away from me.

Thank you sucky economy and thank you sucky CBS. This morning was the last day of the Adam Carolla Show broadcast. His show has been cancelled due to $$. In fact, the entire station has been cancelled. So, thanks CBS.

Adam may be a somewhat judgemental atheist but I LIKED him. And Teresa may occasionally be an annoying know-it-all, but I LIKED her. Bald Brian, well, I’ve got no complaints about him.

But the point is, this is how I start my morning. You just took away my coffee. And everyone around me will probably be suffering the consequences the same as they would any co-worker whose morning caffeine was robbed from them.

Thanks. You suck.

ETA: I should go back home and get in bed. Not only did my kid steal my apple from me this morning, but I just went to fill up my water bottle and the damn water cooler is empty. This day is going to be frustrating. Curses and hexes on you, CBS.

E(again)TA: One bright spot in my morning...I still have some generic Crystal Light packets to mix in with my fountain water so it doesn't taste as gross. YEA (But that doesn't mean I'm taking back my curses and hexes on CBS. They still suck.)

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greedygrace said...

Oh, that makes me sad, too. I love Adam. I've loved him since lovelines... how long ago was that? 10 years? 15? Ugh.... time travels so fast.