Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kitty Story

I’m not one to gush over pets. Animals are just that – animals. You won’t catch me referring to my cat as my “baby” or as “Mini’s big sister” or to myself as her “mom.” In fact, most of you probably didn’t even realize I am a cat-owner. I prefer cats because they are so independent and low maintenance. Heck, while we were away on our last vacation, I put her in the garage with two litter boxes, four bowls of water and four bowls of food. When we got back six days later, she was no worse for the wear. In fact, she was probably disappointed that we came back. THIS is why I like cats. I also respect the fact that they show zero slobbering devotion over the receipt of food. I feed her, she eats it, we go about our day. But, today, Kitty (that’s her name) did something that completely surprised me and that I thought was incredibly sweet and cute. So sweet and cute, in fact, that I wanted to share it.

Today, I decided to walk Mini to daycare (he goes to an in-home preschool that’s about two blocks away from us). Kitty followed us out the door and down the road a little ways. She stopped at a nearby house to roll around in the driveway; Mini and I continued on our way. Just when we reached daycare, I looked down and she darted past my feet. She had followed us the entire way! She’d never gone that far before and I could see that she was completely freaking out. She stopped at the porch while I went inside to drop Mini off. I rushed him a little bit because I was afraid she’d turn around to go back and get lost. When I got outside, she was gone.

Hubby pulled up, shaking his head and laughing - he had passed her on his way to meet me at the daycare. Apparently, she looked really confused and tried to turn up the wrong road and then stood there looking at the unfamiliar surroundings. So, we turned around to go find her and take her home. And there she was, running along at a break neck speed trying to find her way home. Being the devoted cat-owner that I am, I got out, grabbed her, and we drove her home.

It’s possible that being in the car freaked her out more than being lost. I’m sure she’s scarred now.