Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Update

The search for the Prius has begun in earnest now. The Beast, God willing, will soon be moving on. A compromise has been struck. When the BMW goes on its merry way next fall, I will be getting an SUV. I have my heart set on a Land Rover, so we shall see.

In recent days, my formerly enjoyable 2 year old has been replaced by a possessed agent from the Dark Side whose mission is to break me. All I can hear in my head is Dr. Evil when his chair goes haywire… “I need a young priest and an old priest. The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you.” Today was better, so hopefully the exorcism worked. Just kidding, of course. We haven’t resorted to exorcism...


In other news, my co-worker (who seems to be quite a pot-stirrer) came to me with the same dialogue that she used on my other friend/co-worker. I won't get into detail because, honestly, it's just too complicated. But, basically, I've figured out that she's that type of friend who doesn't want you to be friends with anyone else. You know the kind I'm talking about? Anyhoo, it seems that she's tried to cause problems between myself and another co-worker/friend. She just didn't count on us actually discussing it. Oh well. I'm letting it go. I'm not in junior high and don't want to deal with it.


Coco said...

Two is rough. I remember crying to my mom one night that Bram "was a bad seed." And I meant it. It does get better.....kind of.

And please DON'T GET A LAND ROVER. I know three people that have made this purchase and have had nothing but total misery. Seriously. I wanted one too but luckily was stopped.

Get a Volvo station wagon. I LOVED mine!!

Schmoochiepoo said...

You may want to try the exorcism. If you don't cast out the 'evil' now it will never go away!!! I have a 5 year old to prove it. They get harder to hold down when they get bigger too.


Good luck with the new wheels!

It Just 'Dawned' on Me! said...

awww...thats sweet...if you get a Land Rover you and your cousin White Trash Tina (you can take the girl outta the trash, but you can NEVER get the trash outta the girl) has a silver one....and she looks so cute jumping out in her Ralph Lauren shades and her Louis Vuitton bag. Ho. I used to really REALLY think LR's were sweeeeet until she got one.
and as far as mini send him to uncle dee dee....remember, ive been there, done that. TWICE. and both of mine are freakin ROCK STARS now ;)

Something In The Glass said...

Coco - thanks for the advice about the LR... but I just don't know if I could ever do a station wagon. I mean, the idea of a Prius is hard enough. HAHA

Smoochiepoo - you're hilarious.

Dawn - first of all, Ralph Lauren shades are totally 90s. Until she's wearing Oliver Peoples sunglasses, I won't be impressed by her. And even then, I won't be that impressed. My buddy Chris has two Louis' AND Oliver shades - doesn't mean she's more special than anyone else.

Now, if only I had fake tata's. Then and ONLY then could I be as awesome as Trashy Tina. HAHA

Oh, and I will send Mini to you post haste. Please do not return him until he has graduated from college.

It Just 'Dawned' on Me! said...

Piss on you. I HAVE Ralph Lauren shades and they are SO NOT 90's. I kinda like em, thank you very much. I actually 'inherited' them..the boss spent almost 200 bux on em and couldnt wear em...sooooooooo..... ;)
AND as far as Mini..if you send him you WONT be getting him back. Not even AFTER college.