Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Vacations End...

I'm back from 80-degree weather and muddling through here in the high 20s. Quite an adjustment to make. But I'll survive. It's so friggin cold here. Unusually cold. I thought I had somehow flown to Portland, MAINE instead of Portland, OryGone.

A couple of quick updates.

1. Frontier did NOT charge me extra for the weight I put on over the weekend. That was nice of them.
2. Mini slept from OKC to Denver yesterday. That was nice of him.
3. I have pictures that will be posted when I have more time. This work thing is getting in the way.
4. Got a LOT of blog-reading to catch up on.

That is all. More later from the freezing cold NW.

ETA: Tomorrow at 2:30p (that's 2:30pm PACIFIC time, synchronize your watches accordingly) I am interviewing for a position at work which will be a promotion and a 5% raise. If I get it, of course! Your warm wishes, good thoughts, chants, spells, and prayers will be greatly appreciated. Please note: Due to my own personal beliefs, prayers to the Dear Lord Baby Jesus are most appreciated, however, I will accept anything you send my way.


Impulsive Addict said...

Glad your visit was good! It's not so warm now. I thought maybe you took all of our warm air with you but I guess not!

Good luck on the job interview!!! You should wear a low cut top if your interviewer is a boy. They love to look at nice things while trying to talk to you.

Coco said...

I gained an assload this past weekend as well. My gut is hanging over my jeans as we speak. I think I am going to drink and smoke like the models do until these 5 lbs come off.


Good luck tomorrow!! You can do it!

greedygrace said...

Good luck! My fingers will be crossed at 2:30!

Miss JC said...

Glad you made it back safely! Yeah, it's not so warm here fact, it sucks. I'm supposed to go on vacation to Eureka Springs Arkansas tomorrow, and I'm scared we will have to delay it due to the damn snow...yuck.

Kally said...

Wishing you luck!!!!

I oh so totally know about the whole work thing getting in the way. We have had guests from Japan visiting Computer Co and I swear I am runnin' around like a chicken with mah head cut off!

morewineplease said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know!