Monday, July 13, 2009

I Stand Corrected....MAYBE

I have to admit. After watching BB last night, Jesse might not be the biggest tool after all.

After watching Laura flaunt her goodies (she is SO un-cute by the way - where'd she get those teeth? The Chiclets Factory?), I was sure that Jesse would swoon. But then he totally surprised me by saying - and I'm paraphrasing here - "If that ding-dong thinks that by walking out here in her bikini and shaking her tata's in my face is going to help keep her around, she's wrong." Okay, so that was obviously my own interpretation of what he said. He didn't nominate her for eviction, which was disappointing, but at least he isn't thinking with the wrong body part.

Chiclet's has GOT TO GO.


foxy said...

I agree! That girl is AWFUL - and not cute at all!? She was all saying in the beginning that she could have any man she wants - and i was all WHA?? Ick.

Of the two nominated, I want Chima to go home. She looks like a plastic surgery project gone horribly wrong, so I'd prefer not to have to look at her anymore.

Something In The Glass said...

I was okay with Chima until she got all whiney about losing the challenge. Get. Over. It.

She looks like a human version of one of the Bratz dolls. SCAAAARY.

foxy said...

She DOES look like a human version of the bratz dolls... good call! ha...