Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Brother Eleven

I've been waiting so patiently. Big Brother is my summertime obsession. So, naturally, last night was a big night in the TSITG household.

You know, I used to think that John Mayer was a complete tool. And then I saw this

and it took away the douche-factor. And, of course, I met Faddah, which made anyone else on the douche-list pale in comparison.

But then, Big Brother went and brought this guy back from Season 10:

And so, let me say on this Friday - Congratulations, Jesse. You've been awarded the SITG Complete Douchebag and Total Tool Award... and you barely even had a chance to talk last night. That is how much you get on my nerves.

Why, why, why did Big Brother ruin it for me like this?!?!

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foxy said...

I KNOW!! It's absolutely my summertime obsession too. Glad to know I have a fellow BB-er out there!! :)

Man, I couldn't STAND Jessie last year - and was so glad when he was gone. And now he's freaking back. Ugh. I wish it would've been Brian to come back (I don't know if I could've stood the other two choices either. Cowboy? WTH?). Dang it!