Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm hungry.

Here are things that I currently love:

1. French Fries with Mayonnaise. (I might have mentioned this the other day)
2. Taco Bell – not the Fresco menu which I usually can’t get enough of. Nope, it’s all about the Steak Quesadilla and the Double Decker Taco. If I could get them to replace the beans on the DDT with cheese, I would be in heaven. Next time, I will ask.
3. Burger King, Burgerville, McD’s. Yum. Yummy, yum, yum, yum.
4. Chips and salsa and Mexican Food in general.
5. Hummus.
6. Red Robin Cheeseburgers.
7. Anything chocolatey.
8. Iced Tea. Lots of Iced Tea.
9. Regular Coke. (Whattheheck?)
10. Milk (Whattheheck?)

Here are things that I am not currently loving:
1. Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, any Diet sodas in general. The thought makes me gag.
2. Bananas. Typically a staple of my diet, I currently have to choke the suckers down.
3. Broccoli. The smell kills me.
4. Spearmint gum. The taste kills me.
5. Chicken breast. Gag.
6. Cold sandwiches on regular or wheat bread.
7. Sun Chips.
8. Tomato Swiss Bisque (formerly my favorite soup)
9. Hearing people (i.e. Hubby) belch.
10. Flintstone Vitamins

All of this equals one thing and one thing only.

Introducing my uterus, and forthcoming second child, to the world. You were warned.


greedygrace said...

Congratulations! While I was reading this I was thinking, "what, is she pregnant and I missed the announcement?" YEA! CONGRATS!!!!!!

JennyMac said...


And I dont dig any soda...however, Red Robin makes an awesome turkey burger. Yum.

And growing up we ate french fries with tartar sauce. Also yum. If you like them with mayo, you might like that too.

foxy said...

HOW EXCITING!!! Oh my gosh, that is SO COOL! And - your list just made me extremely hungry.

Something In The Glass said...

Thanks for the congrats, ladies! Sorry if I made you hungry! HAHA Welcome to my world.

JennyMac...I SOOOO dig french fries and tartar sauce. Hubby thinks it's disgusting. Oddly enough, last Friday was my first ever Red Robin burger. I've always stuck to fish and chips or - my personal favorite - the incredibly unhealthy and terribly fattening Chicken Caesar Wrap. Delectable.

Damn, I just made myself hungry again.

msprimadonna67 said...

How exciting--congratulations!!