Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is it really Christmas?

Busy times have equaled less than normal holiday cheer for little ole me. Anybody else having this problem?

Hubby just had his wisdom teeth out. It’s been a long three weeks since he first found out he needed this done. You would have thought he’d been told he was having open heart surgery. That walk into the dentist on Wednesday… sheesh. Like he was walking The Green Mile. Seems to be recovering quite nicely, though, and is taking it much better than I would have expected from him given his propensity for drama.

I found out on 12/11 that my official due date is June 27. This is perfect. I’ll squeeze the little booger out before the heat of the summer really kicks in. I was pregnant with Mini over summer 2006 and, like 95% of the homes in the NW, our house at the time did not have A/C. It was miserable. And considering our current house also is without A/C, the thought of NOT being pregnant in July and August is most appealing. Next big step – finding out the sex. Let’s all cross our fingers it’s a girl. Pray, do chants, fast, whatever you do…DO IT.

Finished up (sort of) some Christmas shopping today. By finished up, I mean that I bought all of the gifts I need to send back to Oklahoma. (Everything else can wait until the last minute, right?) I went a couple of places and didn’t have any luck, so I headed to my old stand-by: Ross. I got my nephew an Izod Windbreaker and a really awesome Nike shirt and my niece three shirts all for around $40. The windbreaker alone was originally $70! I rock the Christmas shopping.

What I don’t rock so much at? The details.

I thought I was sooooooo smart because I managed to bring a box from home to ship all my gifts in. After I finished up my shopping, I came back to the office to get my box. I put everything in the box, be-bopped over to the UPS Store, plopped down my $17 to get it there by the 23rd, came back to my desk….and discovered one of my nephew’s shirts and my niece’s birthday present (her birthday may or may not have been back in September) sitting in the floor.

I’m an idiot.


gorgsecrets said...

Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on your little one on the way... and Merry Christmas!

Lael said...

Oh my gosh! I just popped by to visit and you're pregnant! how awesome! Fabulous post that makes me laugh because my husband acted like he was going to war when he had his wisdom teeth pulled. My gosh, meanwhile I give birth and am walking around 15 minutes later. Seriously, they need help!

Congratulations and I can't wait to read more!