Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starting Over

Here we are again. Significant reservations are ever-present with regards to blogging, given my recent experiences with it. But, I keep reminding myself…I’m a good person.

I actually keep reminding myself something completely different, but don’t feel comfortable putting it in writing. I guess my only issue now is with censoring myself.

Occasionally when things get rough or people begin questioning the kind of person you are without really knowing you, it’s easy to get sour and see the bad instead of the good - in yourself and in others. But, I don’t plan on letting that happen. I’m going to continue on with my own philosophy of life – the glass isn’t half full or half empty.


Drink it.

Pour it out.

Fill it to the brim.

But, don’t take for granted the fact that there’s something in the glass.


Katy said...

Oh you little glass talker. Glad to see you. I feel kinda creepy talking to you like you don't have a name or a picture. BUT, I know you and I like you.
I'm proud of you for this post...way to go girl or are you a guy. Oh, how mysterious you are.

Mamalicious said...

Yep, glad to see you around whoever you are.

morewineplease said...

Welcome back to your little world.

Lipstick said... I know you from bloggyland?

All this secrecy is really intriguing.

Something In The Glass said...

Thanks for the welcome wagon, ladies!

Yes, Ms. Lipstick, you know me here in the blogosphere. It's Kim, former resident at It's Just Me. (I hesitate to write even that much of an identifer...)

It could have been fun to remain completely mysterious, though.