Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love is a Battlefield

....And marriage is the hostage negotiation meeting.

Hubby informed me the other evening that he plans to stop farting so much. He said he just doesn't want me to think he's a caveman anymore. Which is nice.

This morning I came to him with a counteroffer. He can keep the farting, if we (and by "we," I'm referring to him) can be more careful about the use of cuss words in front of the Mini. I had a dream last night that Mini and I were on a walk in our neighborhood and he kept saying, "That bitch! That bitch! That bitch!"

I don't want that to happen in real life, except with the F-bomb somehow in play.


Katy said...

Yes, throwing cuss words out wouldn't be a good thing for the mini.
Baby Mc calls says (what sounds like) fu*k when you point to a fox......he just cannot get the "cks" sound of an "x" down. It's not cool when he says it in crowds...not cool, makes me look like really bad mommy.

Schmoochiepoo said...

I hate to break your bubble of optimism {spelling?} but, they may say they will stop farting, they may even make a valiant effort to do so but in the end, they are men and they will fart. :) They have to, or their heads will explode and that's way too messy.

And the cussing, I have no advice because I am the one with the trucker mouth in my house *shame*

Holly said...

LOL that's really quite hilarious, but yes, it would be terrible if he swore in front of someone else! LOL!