Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, enough with the Hawaiian words already, right? As much as I would like to believe that is my language and culture, it is not.

But, I realized….how could I have forgotten to tell you about the H1N1 they put on the plane in the row in front of us, only to make her get OFF the plane after letting her sit there – WITH US – for a half an hour? Yup, it happened. Okay, so I don’t know she had Pork Flu, but I’ve honestly never seen someone shake so badly that wasn’t detoxing. Hubby’s response was typically understated. When he realized what was going on in the seat in front of him, he shoved his nose down his shirt and tried – unsuccessfully – to get our 3 yr old to do the same.

Pictures will be forthcoming (of our vacay, not of my boys with their shirts over their faces), although I’m hesitant to actually post my picture on here. I’ve posted pictures of the Mini before for a limited time, so I might to the same with pics of my mug.

Can I tell you a funny story? I went out to our office in Hillsboro to work this morning, just as I did two weeks ago. And two weeks ago, I saw the same thing that I saw today as I was walking down the aisle where I would be working for the morning.

I passed by a gal’s cube and on the shelves and on both sides of her computer was a collection. No, not beanie babies or unicorns (that’s a favorite part, by the way, of Dodgeball.. “I have a thing for unicorns.”). No, she had water bottles. Lots of empty freaking water bottles. I swear, there are probably fifty. Weird, right?

I asked my co-worker that I was there to work with for the morning… “Seriously, what is up with the water bottles?”

She didn’t have a clue either.

Which leads me to my next question. Have any of you watched Hoarders yet on A&E? It’s totally my new reality obsession… Which is ironic to say, given the obsessive nature of hoarding.


msprimadonna67 said...

I had never heard of that show--I'll have to check it out!

greedygrace said...

I love Hoarders! I recently told the AC in one of my less stellar parenting moments, "the hoarders will get you if you don't go to bed right now!"

I thought it was kinda funny. Wylee did not agree.

foxy said...

This is the first I've heard of it... i'll put it on the list. Sounds good in a really weird way.

Something In The Glass said...

Oh my gosh, Lisa, that's hilarious! I'll have to try that one on my kiddo. Telling him that Santa is watching doesn't seem to faze him much.

But to you other gals...You MUST watch Hoarders. It is incredibly fascinating.