Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is This What a Mid Life Crisis Feels Like?

You might recall how I’ve mentioned before that my celebrity BFF would be Keri Russell. That’s mostly because I l.o.v.e.d “Felicity”. Felicity started when I was in college so I could really identify with her character. Except for the fact that I didn’t follow some guy across the country over a crush, and there wasn’t a guy at my university even half as hot as Ben Covington. But anyhoo, that show was my fave. And very recently, I pulled out my DVDs of the first season. See, hubby has been on an “Alias on DVD” kick, and since Jennifer Garner was on Felicity a couple of times and Alias was done by the creator of Felicity, JJ Abrams, it got me in the mood to watch a little college angst.

So there I am, hanging out in bed and watching an episode where her parents come to NY to convince her to go back home and go to Stanford instead. And Felicity and her mom are having a conversation about the mom having trouble accepting Felicity’s decision. And she says, “I was 20 when I got pregnant with you, I was very young…”

The scene continued, but all I could hear was….

“I was 20 when I got pregnant with you, I was 20 when I got pregnant with you, I was 20 when I got pregnant with you.”

My feeble 33-soon-to-be-34-year old mind started doing the math. If Felicity’s mom was 20 when she got pregnant, and Felicity is 18 years old, then that makes her mom 38…only four years older than me. WTH?!?!?!?! This can’t be!!! Nonononono… I started silently arguing with that vengeful bitch called Time – FELICITY is my contemporary, not her freaking MOM. I identify with FELICITY’S life. This can’t be!! It just can’t!

But, TIME responded to let me know that many people my age have children closing in on their college years and that, yes, if Felicity were a current show I would have more in common with her damn mom. And that while in my mind I remain a hip, cool gal in her early 20s, unfortunately, I am not.

You know what sucks about your 30s? You start realizing that you're getting older every single day and farther from your youth.... and yet you’re still 30 years from retirement.

Not fair.

Not fair at all.


Katy said...

I really hear you on this. I had someone ask me the other day if I had a sixth grader.......WOOOO, wait a minuter I'm NOT old enough to have a sixth grader (I am, but I don't feel like it). Ugggh.


Something In The Glass said...

A sixth grader? What the heck? Every once in a while Kristen B. from AHS crosses my mind and I think about how her son is a friggin teenager now. It's just so strange to think that she's almost got one of her kids out of the nest and I'm just getting started.

Lael said...

I am right there with ya sister! I have these moments of clarity more and more. It makes my mind shut off and I think jello pudding pops would be in order, but then I realize those were discontinued 20 years ago...soooo then the cycle repeats! :)