Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank Goodness That's Over for a Year.

Just got back from my visit to the doctor. That was fun. (By the way, while I was waiting, I think I figured out which beeyotch laughed at me on the phone.) You know, the only thing worse than having the gyno chatting away when they are taking care of business like they aren’t actually doing what they’re doing, is peeing or farting while they are doing said business. I have severe anxiety about this happening to me someday.

The only thing I took away from that odyssey is the fact that I’m not 5’3”. Actually, I always thought I was somewhere between 5’2 ½” and 5’3”, so I've always rounded up. Apparently, I’m actually 5’2 ¼”. (I think that tall nurse enjoyed rubbing in the 1/4 inch.) But seriously, people, at this point, aren't we just splitting hairs? Especially considering I wear four inch heels most days. My actual height may be 5’2” (and a quarter), but my Fashion Height is 5’7”.

Fashion Height Formula: Height of Shoes + Height (always use actual height and round up for this equation) = Fashion Height

(HS + H = FH)

HS: 4
H: 5’2 ¼” = 5’3” rounded

4” + 5’3” = 5’7”

I feel so tall. It also helps with BMI calculations.


Anniebanannie said...

Heels are a must. I'm pissed that flats are the new 'trend.'

I'm so not trendy, so whatever.

Schmoochiepoo said...

Crap. I don't wear heels so I am stuck at being short.
The last time I wore heels was my wedding 6 years ago and even those were only a 1/2 inch high.

I suck.