Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My 100th Post!

Wish I was cool enough to do some fun giveaway. But I'm not.

I'd rather talk entertainment....

So, I can definitely see how the producers of The Hills are beginning to manipulate us already. Over the course of the last few episodes, I have come to hate Spencer less. Shocking, I know. And the real proof that the producers are pulling my strings? Last night when “Spencie” called LC to apologize, I actually thought he handled it better than she did. At the end of the conversation, she could have at least been all, “Listen, I know it took a lot to make this call, so thanks…”

In other entertainment news, the new Harrison Ford movie is filming today a few blocks away, so I’ll have to use some break time to go check that out. Han Solo won’t be there, they said on the news it’ll just be Brendan Fraser. I’m hoping that Felicity will be there, too. If I could pick a celebrity best friend, it would be Keri Russell. And Jennifer Garner. We’d all be BFFs. They also said on the news that they are looking for extras for next Tuesday when the film at Oaks Park, but I don’t want to use a vacation day for that, and it would be really awkward if I called in sick and then got spotted on film. Because, you know, if they picked me to be an extra, they would be knocked out by my charm, charisma and raw talent and immediately fire Felicity and give me her role. How would I explain that to my boss?

And besides, I just couldn’t do that to my BFF.

Got another short week… Only working Tues/Wed and then going up to Seattle. I haven’t been there in a year, so it should be fun. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Coco said...

Happy 100th!

Have you seen "Waitress?" Felicity is just precious in that.

And like you, I always think that if I could just be a stand in, in any movie, they would see my star potential and the rest would be history.

Is that weird we think that way?

Schmoochiepoo said...


foxy said...

How did I miss this? Man, i'm behind... 100 looks great on you, btw! :)

And I'm seconding what Coco said above. If you haven't seen Waitress, you need to. Such a good flick... you'd love it.